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:: In order to participate to Cubotics Coding Competitions you must create an account on Cubotics  website  or login to your existing  account. From your account you will be able to register to all future competitions!

:: If a large team of your school/club participate to our competition, you must register  for each student! Each participant must have his own account and an individual and unique email address.

:: Cubotics competitions are INDIVIDUAL, no TEAMS allowed. 

:: at the time of registering   your account, contestant must check and make sure all informations has been entered correctly. Enter your FULL NAME+SURNAME , CORRECT DATE OF BIRTH, SCHOOL NAME , PARENTS  FULL NAME+SURNAME AND CITY !

Unreal/incorrect accounts (wrong data,incomplete email or incomplete name+surname, etc...) will not be considered.

:: you will receive a confirmation email  on your email address.  

:: Registering must be done with your parents approval and supervising. It is mandatory to have an adult guiding you, like your coding teacher or your parents, and to mention his/her name in [Guide field]. If it will be proven that you had no adult/guide approval to participate to our competitions, all your prizes and results will be canceled and you will be banned from our competitions in the future.

:: Registering on  represent your guide adult (parents and teacher) approval and unlimited consent to use your name, age, city/country name, pictures , results and testimonials regarding our competitions/registration and results history, in pages. 

:: in case of winning you must send us your parents postal address, your real photo and school certificate (or photo of school pass) in order to receive your prizes!

:: Cubotics  reserves the right to select its users. Cubotics can also deactivate / cancel / suspend any account and any participation to Cubotics competitions if wanted.

::The Participant must take part in the correct Age Bracket and the Age is calculated as per the age on the Date of the competition .

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